Friday, August 27, 2010

siwon and leeteuk

Choi Siwon or Simba who was born on April 7,1986 [or.....February 10,1987] can't really hear well? come the prince of SUJU-super junior has this kind of problem?
unbelievable?believe it.
"God is fair.Siwon can't hear well" [Lee Teuk in Strong Heart]

case 1:
LT:Let’s have a good practice.
CS:Hyung what did you say? We are going to meet Bae Yong Joon?

case 2:
LT:Did you see what Kim Yuna did?
CS:Hyung did you just said that Kimura Taku is here?

the delicious,yummylicious,chocolatious muscles of him doesn't mean that he's perfect.
i love both of them but i love siwon more and more =)

and yes!
if u love both of them
please do check this out.

and also this funny story of this gentleman.

leeteuk : yesterday after exercising, suddenly siwon said he wanted to go han-gang(river) at 2am.
eunhyuk : at dawn?
leeteuk : yes… so siwon went to there by his small motorcycle and i drove my car.
eunhyuk : but that time, it was raining…..
leeteuk : yeah…in the rain…siwon said ‘ hyung! i’m macho!’ and he kept riding motorcycle…
anyway, he arrived there before than me, and he called me ‘ hyung where are you? why are you late?’
and he thought i was already over there and he started dancing in front of a car . he thought that car was mine…

eunhyuk : OMG… that was same style car as yours….
leeteuk : yes… he kept saying ‘hyung get out! get out!’ and was dancing…
and he thought ‘ oh my dance is not enough…’ and was dancing more hardly….
eunhyuk : he didnt know the person inside the car because the window was tanned black.
leeteuk : yeah, and he said i didn’t get out , so he knocked the window and said ‘ hyung why don’t you get out!!’
and the window opened with a suprised lady!! she was really surprised ” OMG!!!!!”
and he ran away~~~~
eunhyuk : OMG, how embarrassing…. why was he doing that…kkk really funny
i always enjoy the story about our members. they are doing really funny things~~

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